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Healthiest protein bars and milk substitutes.

We know you are very busy doing a lot of things all the time. That’s why we spend the time to do all the research on your behalf to create the healthiest protein bars and milk substitutes that are packed with nutrition and use none of the things you don’t want.

  • chickpea milk

    YoFiit’s miylk10 – (vanilla/cinnamon)

    $(CAD)53.00 $(CAD)46.00 Sale!
  • milk substitute

    YoFiit’s miylk10 (original)

    $(CAD)53.00 $(CAD)46.00 Sale!
  • high fiber bars

    Morning™ Fibre Bar

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!
  • energy bars

    Midday™ Energy Bars

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!
  • best low sugar protein bars

    All day™ Protein Bars

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!

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