About Us

YoFiit™ was created with the mission to fuel the world through unparalleled nutrition.  We aim to provide plant-based nutrition to active individuals.  Our products are designed with one thing in mind “YOUR FITNESS”. In all we do, we want to allow an experience that is delightful on your palate as much as it is gentle on your waistline and general well being.

dreamstime_5859700_1_-307x489We use ingredients that are organic, meaning that they are pesticides-free or are not genetically modified. We do not use additives or preservatives to maintain the freshness of our products. Our products use non-animal, alternate source of proteins, making them cholesterol-free.

We use a lot of ancient seeds in our formulation such as quinoa, chia, hemp seeds, etc.  Quinoa is an ancient seed called the Gold of the Incas that has been consumed for thousands of years. Not only does it taste delicious but it also is a super grain with antioxidant power given its high content in essential minerals like manganese and copper, and also contains well balanced amino–acids similar to those found in milk as per the World Health Organization (WHO). Quinoa is one of the most complete foods that one can consume.

In addition to being clean, our formulations are  dynamic because we consistently research new ideas to enhance our existing products.  We don’t believe that a great product can be static because new discoveries happen every day and they need to be accounted for in how we formulate our nutrition.