Customer Testimonials

  • “Re: Your company. luv it. also want to comment on quin pro. when I am home i use this already in my vita mix shake in the morning. I know I am getting good nutrition to start my day. special thanks for the healthier types of sweeteners you use. again, excellent products. oh, didn’t mention the granola and quin bites, wonderful too. I keep in my purse for my healthy snack. thanks for making keeping healthy so much easier. excellent products !!!!!!!!!”
  • “We recently purchased one of your products at the Vegetarian Food Fair in Toronto and would like to know where we can purchase more of your Quinoa Crisp. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. LOL. Crunchy and nutty! No compromise on taste and nutrients and very practical. I keep a bag in my office ALL THE TIME to add to my green salad at lunch. Thanks for your phenomenal work.”
  • “I met with one of the owners, at a demo in Toronto. Boy, was she patient at telling me everything I needed to know about quinoa! She gave me with at least 3 recipes that use quinoa. It is great to meet people that have such great passion for what they do. Now, I find myself using more and more of your products and I am so happy I did. Today, I am writing to say that I tried the QUINOLA and it was beyond delicious!
  • “I am almost out of my Quinoa Crisp which I simply love on my salads and veggies, where can I buy some more?”
  • “My sister and I tried your milk at the Vegetarian festival a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. This is the purest milk alternative out there period. DO NOT EVER STOP MAKING IT. Thank you so much”
  • “hi thee!
    Love, Love and Love your products! You truly have the simplest ingredients and the purest products. Love you guys. My favourite is your Quin’Pro so far. “
  • “Hello!
    I just recently discovered your product and fell completely in Love with it! I will now need to buy it by the case! Thanks guys.”