miylk10 is different

Because you deserve better nutrition

Let us be serious.  Your typical milk alternative is not a true alternative.

It does not help you achieve any of your goals, whether it is managing weight, getting nutrition.


Because most of them  provide you with 0-1 gram of protein and are filled with gums.  Miylk10 has 10 grams of protein (10x more than almond milk) and is full of omega 3.  

Why trust us? 

Your journey is ours too. Our founder, Marie, created this milk alternative as she was tired of drinking soymilk, which was the only one with a bit more nutrition.  Most importantly, she realized overtime that the gum they use would hurt her stomach and she could no longer digest it.  That is why miylk10 was created with maximum nutrition and no filler.

How can you incorporate miylk10 in your diet?

It is pretty easy….

You can use miylk10 one of these ways

  • Add to your smoothie.  Instantly you can save money by using miylk10 instead of protein powder in your smoothie
  • Add to lattes.  Get foam and protein.
  • Give it to toddlers and babies (naturally rich in iron)
  • Add to cereals, chia pudding, oatmeal
  • Bake with it. It acts like milk in all recipes
  • Enjoy a light tasting drink that is not as overpowering or thick as almond milk