YoFiit probiotics bars are different

They carry you through your most difficult tasks

Let us be serious.  Most bars are jokes.  They are full of sugar or worse packed with sugar alcohol.

They make things worse for you and do not help you achieve any of your goals, whether it is managing weight, getting nutrition.


Because most bars are not formulated with your entire well-being in mind.  YoFiit bars are formulated to provide you a general feeling of satiation, energy, gut support, all while maintaining sugar all natural and very low.   With YoFiit bars, you will remain satiated for up to 4 hours.

Why trust us? 

Your journey is ours too.  We were tired of feeding our little athletes crappy bars loaded with sugar and that would not even support them through soccer practice or ballet lessons.  We created these bars, allergen-friendly, so the whole family can enjoy them.

How can you incorporate YoFiit bars in your diet?

It is pretty easy….

You can use the bars one of these ways

  • Use for breakfast on-the-go.  Imagine such a powerful breakfast providing you with 1/2 of your fiber needs in one bar, delivering gut-friendly probiotics, and countless of macro nutrients to keep you energized and focused.
  • Use before a work-out.  The probiotics strains we use aid at the absorption of protein, making these bars essential workout companions.  You feel the difference in the boost you are getting.
  • Keep them in your office.  You know these ultra long meetings?  And then back-to-back?  And then oops no time for lunch?  That’s where YoFiit bars come in.  They sustain you to go through the tasks that matter until you can reach your next meal.
  • Use when traveling.  This has become one of the hallmark ways folks use our bars.  You never know how you will like the food when you travel.  So, pack some with you and the problem is solved.