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Mehdi shows you the proper way to deadlift if you are not familiar with Mehdi, he Squats 400lbs, Deadlifts 500lbs and is a sought after weight lifting coach with 15 years of in-the-trenches experience.

Stretch before you begin you can use a squat rack, stand at a 45 degree angle to the rack. Then place your right foot over your left and grab the right side vertical of the squat rack with your right hand, while moving your right shoulder to the left and stretching your right pectoral. Then change sides and do the left side. Also while lying on the bench stretch your chest while doing some fly movements. This helps warm up your chest before benching the weight cold. this will loosen up your muscles to help prevent injuries.

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Start with a very light weight if you bench 135 use 45 (just the bar) if you are stronger use 30% of your max to warm up. then use a heavier weight 40% then 50 % This is just a warmup weight. Your first working set should be with about 60% of your current max working weight limit meaning it's not a 1 rep max. Working weight means you can do 5 sets of 5 reps with this weight. two to three times per week depending on the week using Mehdis alternating A & B workout. Each week your goal is to increase the weight you can lift by 5 lbs.

laying on the bench, your eyes should be level ( in other words the bar should block your vision) with the bar some people go to the chin it's a personal preference to what feels right. Another personal preference is whether or not to have your feet flat on the ground, up on the bench or with your knees bent flat on the end of the bench. Your feet should straddle the bench and be planted on the floor for stability.

Positioning your hands is very important, It will determine how much you can lift using your pecs vs triceps and shoulders. Put your hands on the bar. Many place their hands about a thumbs width past the hatched region on the bar or shoulder width apart, this is a good start. Now it really important to have the bar at the proper height for lift off and placement back on the bench rack at the end of the lift. Your bar height needs to be about 2 inches lower than your fully extended arms. Make your Adjustments if needed, place your hands based on where you are feeling the greatest impact on the muscles from the lift. Moving your hands further apart to increases the amount of work your chest while moving them closer together to make your triceps and front deltoids do more.

The proper bench press is shoulder width apart. This is so when the barbell is in the bottom of the lift the elbows are at the farthest point back they can go and the bar is touching but not pressing heavily on your chest. Typically the bar will be about level across your nipples at the bottom of the lift.

If your lucky enough to have a spotter awesome! I don't use a workout partner, but you can ask almost anybody to help you out with a spot to protect yourself from injury when attempting to lift to failure. Your spotter is not to lift the weight for you in fact they should be able to spot you using two fingers from each hand. They are there to assist you in keeping the weight moving while doing that last rep or two.

Okay grab the bar, take several deep breaths, nodd when your ready or go on three, Have your spotter assist you in lifting the bar off the rack, Lower the weight at moderate speed to your chest. You should lower the bar to nipple level, barely in contact with your chest, pause for 1 second and exhale as you push the weight back up. Don't bouncing the bar on your chest that just means the weight is to heavy or your spotter sucks! it can lead to injuries like fractures and it take away from the effectiveness of the movement.

When raising the bar up to near full extension don't raise your back off the bench. And don't use your neck to help raise the weight, stop about 1 inch before full extension to avoid the injuries that can come from locking the joints and pivot points.

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