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P90X2 Review: Shoulders and Arms

I love how the stability ball is used once again in the cool down to enhance the stretch out of the chest, back and shoulders. I have used the ball many times with shoulder patients before to help improve shoulder mobility, so this is a great way to end the routine and help maintain flexibility while working to improve strength. Getting your arm across your body and leaning into the ball is an amazing posterior deltoid and posterior capsule stretch. Try it!!

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P90X2 Review: Shoulders and Arms Summary

While some of the exercise aren't necessarily new in this routine, incorporating balance positions with the exercises certainly makes this a challenging routine. I started with lighter weights in round 1 and then progressed in round 2 and 3 once I felt comfortable with the balance. This is an awesome workout and my arms felt totally pumped when I finished. One word of caution, shoulder muscles are much smaller than some of the larger muscle groups (chest, back, etc) so use light weight, focus on form and increase weight as you are comfortable. Muscle burn is awesome but injury is not, so be smart about your workouts and listen to your body.

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