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I don't know about you, but when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, I need a plan. If I don't following a workout plan or a meal plan, even if it is in the most basic sense, I will fail. NTC (Nike Training Club) is the perfect app to keep you on track with your workouts and caters to all of your needs.

I recently downloaded the NTC app because I needed a little push with my workouts and after participating in the Nike Women's 15K, I have been obsessed with everything Nike.

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The app has workouts in categories for whatever your heart desires as well as levels of intensity based on how frequently you work out. There are also special weekly workouts that are usually quite short so they are perfect to tag onto the end of a workout.

Because I like to have a schedule, I set up a 4 week plan. The app then schedules your works for specific days and it is so easy. You can either 'get lean', 'get toned', 'get strong', or 'get focused'. All four are for different goals that people have. I chose get lean, since I am working on shredding some pounds. I also set my plan up so that it incorporates running.

I really love having this schedule because the workout are effective and keep me motivated. When it shows that you have missed a workout, you cannot go back and do it later so you almost feel guilty. I realize life happens, but sometime we need to find the time to get our butts into gear!

This app pairs perfectly with the Nike+ Running App and a Nike fuel band if you have one.

I may also do another post of fitness bands because I also believe them to be super effective to motivate consistent activity!

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