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I had the most challenging weekend ever!

Following my post the other day about recovery for muscles using Mila the miracle seed from Lifemax, I had probably the most challenging weekend ever on my body. It all started with a caddy loop at May River in 115 degree heat index and spending approximately 4 1/2 hours walking around in the heat. Brutal absolutely brutal on my body dealing with that heat.

I drank about 13 bottles of water and still had 2 bottles of water cooling down in the caddy room. I have never in my life had my body temperature that high ever in my 46 years walking on this earth.

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Typically, after driving 40 minutes back to the Island, it is difficult just getting out of my truck and walking into the house. But I had no issues with immediate soreness like I had typically experienced before following a caddy loop. I was tired by not sore like every other time following a loop. I had mixed a scoop in the morning and immediately after getting home from the loop. "Cold Mila Shake Yummmmm!"

OK, now I awoke with very little soreness following my day from he'll in the heat. Normally, I would get up and eat as many Aleve humanly possible without causing harm to my body, but no Aleve this morning or during the last several days after starting Mila.

I got up and mixed my Mila (Lifemax)in acold shake and off I went to help move a friend for 6 hours in heat and moving up and down stairs. No issues!

I'm amazed in only a week and a few days my normal routine of aches and pains, followed by eating Aleve like Pezz candy, I'm feeling like I did in my 20s. Again, I writing this post and other posts to follow my experience consuming "Mila" the miracle seed by Lifemax for others to learn from tracking my experience with Mila.

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