Sexy Beach Body Time

It's that time of year again! The days are getting longer. The sun is shining almost nonstop. The temperature keeps climbing. The winter clothes are put away and the summer gear is beginning to come out. Sundresses! Summer is well on it's way here in Florida!

I have a goal this year. I would like to be super tan and have six pack abs. I've achieved the tan goal one time in my life and the six pack abs well never. My wife has made certain comments hinting at activities that would take place should the stars align. Needless to say, I'm very curious to see these comments translate into reality at some point in the very near future. To this end I've begun exercising. My exercise regimen currently consists of a combination ofsit-ups,push-upsandpull-ups. I plan to begin running / jump roping for my cardio in the next several days.

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As far as the tan goes, I made good progress on Sunday. We went to the beach for several hours and had a picnic, took a nap and threw the Frisbee around for a bit. Being the manly man that I am I refused offers of suntan lotion, because I wanted to jump start my tan. Thankfully it was slightly overcast. I got quite a bit of sun on my back and was really red when we got home. After my shower and then again before bed I put on some Sun Butter by Basin. I can highly recommend it. I didn't peel or have any other normal sunburn symptoms and have a good base to build on for further tanning sessions.

I am very motivated as you can imagine and look forward to the end result. You may just see my sexy beach body once it's all said and done which won't be for a while, so please don't hold your breath!

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