15-Min Hotel Room Workout

Whenever possible we recommend getting OUTSIDE to exercise into the fresh air and ideally somewhere with natural surroundings. But it may happen that you're on a business trip, it really is too cold or un-safe to go outside and train, you don't have time to find a good place to go nearby, you're stuck in your hotel room and you feel the need to MOVE. So what to do?The key thing is to tap into your imagination and realize that most of the natural moves you do outside can be modified for a small space. No equipment needed.

Below is an idea for a short hotel room mini-workout based on natural movements. The routine is designed to get your blood pumping but can be modified to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level and how your body is feeling (if you are tired or jet-lagged then go gentle). Aim to do the complete routine 5 x through, fewer if you're short of time and more if you're really in the mood to push yourself.

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1. Running. Sprint on the spot as hard as you can for 20 seconds and we mean properly go for it!Move your legs as fast as you can. Then rest for 10 seconds.

2. Crawling. Next do a legs-only"crawl" on the spot. Start off in a press-up position and bring your right-knee up to your right elbow (or as close as you can get). Then swap and bring your left-knee up to your left-elbow. Swap your legs back and forth as fast as you can for 20 sec. Then rest for 10 sec.

3. Jumping. Skip on the spot just as if you had a rope. Skip for 20sec fast skipping as if you're spinning the rope quickly. Then rest for 10sec.Skipping is great for your muscle elasticity and will carry over to improved barefoot running.

4. Defending. Shadow boxing can be surprisingly hard work if you give it enough effort. If you've done a Wild fitness course then this is an opportunity to practice the boxing moves you learned on the course (make up your own punch combinations). If you haven't ever learned boxing before then just try punching the air in front of you while shifting your body-weight from foot to foot. 'Box' for 20 sec, then rest for 10 sec. Or if you're feeling strong you can go for2 or 3minutes boxing round and rest for 30sec 1min.

5. Swimming. Even without a pool, lake or ocean nearby you can still mimic the arm movements of swimming for great natural rotation through the shoulders (particularly good if you've been crunched up on a flight all day). Do 10 strokes of front crawl, 10 of backstroke, 10 of butter-fly and 10 of breast-stroke. and just imagine you are making your way across the Mida Creek off the coast of Kenya!


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