I Like to Sweat!

OK so I had mentioned before that working out at the YMCA was my new thing and I was really trying to keep it up. Well when I first started to work out with hubby, he would always dress up in like sweats, a hat (knitted type), and like a sweatshirt or two shirts - pretty much he dressed up in layers. So I would ask him - "Why are you dressed like that?" and he was all like "I want to sweat.".and I was all like - "WHY?"

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I mean all I could seriously think is why would anyone WANT to sweat??? Well guess what my lovely readers I believe I am truly addicted to working out, you know why? Because I LIKE to sweat now too (ha-ha)! YAY! I like to sweat, and you know what else???!!!??? I love to work out and on my off days I am BUMMED that it's not my workout day!

So there ya have I like to sweat, and I like to workout, and I am so pumped that tomorrow my butt will be in the gym smelling all that sweat in the wellness center at the "Y", listening to my new iPod (yes I finally got it for Christmas), drinking my water, making my heart and muscles stronger, and sweating my little booty off (literally!)

Hello my name is Heather, and I am addicted to sweating while working out.

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