Dimensions of Fitness

Who would you consider to be the fittest of these people? The Bodybuilder, The Sprinter / Marathon Runner or The Gymnast?

The body builder will probably be able to lift the whole rack of weight with his girl perfectly perched at the top watching those muscles flex. What he might not (more than likely won't at all) be able to do run as fast as and for s long the sprinter. The sprinter/marathon runner is a lean, mean muscle machine, designed to get to top speeds and stay there, or maintain a moderate speed around an entire city. Its no question that lifting as much as the body builder will be impossible for this human specimen. The gymnast probably serves as the girl perched on top of the weights, which makes sense since she can't lift them. What she probably can do is wrap herself around the body builder like a hula hoop with all that flexibility. The Body builder (if he is anything like me) probably can't touch his toes properly.

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The point I am driving at by comparing the afore mentioned athletes is that there is no one dimension to fitness. There are actually 5, which are: Aerobic fitness, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility and Body Composition. Very rarely (if ever) will you find someone who meets the maximum requirements of all of these and at all times, even if all 5 are present, there will be at least two that are more dominant than the others.

Aerobic fitness refers to the general strength of your heart. Activities like running, brisk walking, cycling stimulate your heart to get stronger as it will feel the need to provide your body with more blood per beat to satisfy the requirements based on you activity.

Muscular Endurance : refers to the amount of energy stored inside your muscles. Your muscles can perform contractions for longer periods of time if you develop more muscular endurance. Mountain climbing, tug-of-war, swimming and rowing are some activities that help increase endurance or in a gym do weightlifting exercises that exhaust your muscles within 20 to 25 repetitions per set.

Muscular Strength is the kind of fitness that refers to the amount of weight you can move or hold in place. Stronger muscles can hold and move heavier loads across further distances. Muscular strength also generally produces bigger and stronger muscles. Increasing your muscular strength involves heavy resistance training and weightlifting exercises that exhaust your muscles within four to six repetitions.

Flexibility is the kind of fitness that corresponds with the range of motion in your joints. Increasing your flexibility promotes better fluid circulation throughout your body and helps relieve stress and tension. Stretching muscular structures throughout your hips, groin, legs, torso and arms and holding each stretch position for 10 to 30 seconds for at least three times a week to increase flexibility.

Body Composition refers to the relative proportions of multiple substances that make up your total body mass or weight. In simpler terms, how much body fat you posses. The percentage of body fat for optimal health in women is 18 to 30 percent, and optimal health in men corresponds with 10 to 25 percent body fat. If your body fat percentage is high, Aerobic fitness and Muscular endurance activities can help you shred those extra pounds quickly and tone up your muscles at the same time.

Find a sport, start going to the gym; if neither is an option, walk in the mornings before you go to work. What I am saying is, find some activity that will promote good health and help to produce a healthier and more confident you.

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