YoFiit™ Breakfasts

We offer the best gluten-free and healthy breakfast options. All can either be eaten as is or made ready in a few minutes. Our choice of ingredients is well calculated so that you can get the best nutrition profile from protein to fibre & omega 3 as well as trace minerals such as magnesium, manganese, etc.

  • YoFiit™ Best Cold Cereals

    YoFiit™ Best Cold Cereals (2)

    While most cereals are packed with filling agents that have no place in food, our cold cereals have a very short and top quality ingredients’ list. So, ... See more

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  • YoFiit™ Best Hot Cereals

    YoFiit™ Best Hot Cereals (4)

    We offer the best gluten-free hot cereals that can be ready in less than 3 minutes. We use chia seeds, quinoa, hemp, millet, amaranth to create the ... See more

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