YoFiit milk, plant based

YoFiit launches a first in North America, a chickpea milk substitute, boasting 10 grams of protein, a 1000 mg of omega 3 fatty acids without the addition of gum or carrageenan or starch or sugar. YoFiit uses a proprietary process that allows the suspension of the ingredients without the addition of anything extra.

Although new ingredients have been introduced in recent plant-based milk products, YoFiit’s view is that little has been done to address holistically the lack of nutrients from these products and the fact that they are overloaded with stuff consumers no longer want such as a number of gums, starches and other extra ingredients.

“We spent the past 5 years listening to consumer demands and understanding their needs in that category. They made it pretty clear to us that they wanted a product that would not use any gum and certainly no carrageenan. It was also becoming evident to us that people wanted more nutrients from their milk such as more protein and good fats. Unfortunately, the market has not kept pace with consumer demands as the most popular brands of almond milk deliver only 1 g of protein. It took us 3 years to perfect our process and we had to enlist the help of researchers from 3 countries to make it happen after we were told it was impossible to have such a clean and nutritious milk. I am proud to say that we are now the only soy-free, nut-free & plant based milk with no filler or gum or starch and using only clean ingredients. This is a success that will surely enhance the lives of consumers in North America,” says Marie Amazan, Co-Founder and CEO at YoFiit.