YoFiit Nutritional Bars

4 Hour Sustained Energy

Our bars keep you satisfied longer because they are more digestible (with prebiotics and probiotics), they have about 50% of your fiber need for the day , they contain good fats or healthy fats and they are low in sugar to prevent crash.
  • high fiber bars

    Morning™ Fibre Bar

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!
  • energy bars

    Midday™ Energy Bars

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!
  • best low sugar protein bars

    All day™ Protein Bars

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!

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    YoFiit’s miylk10 (original)

    $(CAD)53.00 $(CAD)46.00 Sale!

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