Low carb bars do not have to suck

We guarantee a new decadent, low carb, keto experience with bars that are not only the tastiest, the softest but also the most nutrient dense for your entire body.  They boast better macros such as the lowest net carb level (2g) WITHOUT the use of sugar alcohol.  They use fermented protein.

They are also the least processed bars you will find.  From the use of fermented plant-based protein to being raw, the YoFiit keto bars are the antidote to a modern day diet that is often loaded with processed foods, sugar, sugar alcohol and other stuff we cannot read.  You will feel the difference after eating our bars.

They can be used to power up your workout, keep hunger at bay during these long work meetings, or just as an enjoyable treat.

Oh try them in the fridge or freezer for a crunchy experience!

Feedback from one of our customers.