Low carb Keto Granola Clusters with adaptogens (reishi/cordyceps) choco

Are you craving some crunch that is in fact low carb with no sugar added? These delicious keto low carb clusters are so versatile and can be used on yogurt, dessert or salad. When you lack focus around 2-3 pm, and you need something to pick you up, this is the low carb cluster you can share with people at work to keep everyone engaged. This is all you need with algal oil, adaptogens such as reishi & cordyceps mushroom. Designed exactly for someone like you who wants a powerful snack, yet tasty & gentle on the stomach and the body. This is a different low carb, keto experience. Our products are not only about what IS in them such as these awesome ingredients but also what is not in them aka junk like sugar alcohol. That is our guarantee.

No added sugar
1g of natural sugar
No sugar alcohol, detrimental to your gut.
3g of net carbs
plant-based fermented protein
15g of good fats
gentle on your gut
Super tasty!

From: $(CAD)28.00 / month


  • Natural Sugar
  • added sugar
  • net carb
  • protein
  • fibre
  • plant based fats


Plant-based protein (fermented) : 6g

Net carb: 3g

Natural sugar : 1g (zero added sugar or sugar alcohol)

Flavors: choco


pumpkin seeds, cashews, walnuts, almonds, organic coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, chicory root fibre, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla extract, monk fruit concentrate, mushroom mix (reishi, cordyceps), sea salt, DHA omega-3 algal oil


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