Midday Energy protein bar with probiotics

Size: 50g (2 oz) x 12 per case

Midday Energy bars – Goji choco

  • Perfect for your midday pickup. Keeps you full longer
  • Great pre-workout
  • If you like dark cocoa with a bit of fruity & coconut after taste you will like this bar

From: $(CAD)31.50 / month


  • Protein
  • Fibre
  • Omega 3
  • Natural
    Sugar 4g
  • Iron
  • Probiotics
    1 Bil. CFU

You know when you feel like crashing by 2 or 3 pm? Don’t! And most importantly don’t feel guilty about what you put in your body. This is the ideal time to reach for the Midday Energy bar. It uses ingredients such as quinoa, chia, cacao, goji, hemp seeds and of course our probiotics blend to provide the necessary boost.   perfect before workout as well as our probiotics strains enhances the absorption of protein and carbs, essential to energize you.  .

YoFiit Nutritional bars provide a thoughtful nutrition and nothing as chaotic as what we have seen in the bar category. We felt there were a lot of “me too” products but nothing very convincing as to the “raison-d’être” of these products. There is nothing accidental about the design of our bars. Everything is based on science and how the bars help consumers achieve their desired outcome such as energy and other nutrients in this case. We are the first company to use all the latest scientific findings about the benefits of a strong gut health to create an outcome oriented line of bars scientifically formulated with prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut. In addition, we imposed a hard cap of 5 grams of total sugar in our bars, primarily derived from date or fruit and coconut sugar. We did not want to create a line of quasi candies with 15 or 20 g of sugar or resort to artificial sugar.



Protein: 10g

Fibre: 11 g

Omega 3: 500 mg

Flavors: Goji – choco

Ingredients: Chicory root fiber, Gluten-free whole grain oat, Pea protein isolate, Shelled hemp seed, Desiccated coconut, Unsweetened chocolate*, Cocoa nibs*, Sunflower oil*, Sugars (coconut syrup*), Date (date, rice flour), Quinoa, Sunflower seed butter (roasted sunflower seed), Goji berry, Raw sunflower seed protein powder*, Pea protein crisp (pea protein concentrate, brown rice flour), Cocoa powder*, Natural flavor, Monk fruit concentrate, Apple, Pectin, Probiotic (inulin*, Bacillus coagulans), Rosemary extract*. *Organic

No Soy  – No Nut –  No Gluten – Vegan, 70% raw

1 review for Midday™ Energy Protein bar with probiotics (choco-goji) nut free, gluten free, no soy

  1. Jonathan Adams

    Who said Chocolate can’t be healthy.

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