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Is the protein of the average bar bioavailable?

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2 years ago

Cool down with this nutritious chiller. make some roiboos tea (great option that has a chai like flavor but without caffeine)... Then, mix the tea with the milk and blend at high speed with the dates ... See more

2 years ago

Are you taking care of your gut? A healthy gut allows better brain functions and enhances overall performance. Remember to use different sources and forms of good bacteria to sustain your gut ... See more

2 years ago

#Repost @chefveganessa ・・・
Have you tried chickpea milk? It's pretty awesome! I tried it in our baking at the store and all our goodies came out great! I love this brand because they use great ... See more

2 years ago

#Repost @dula_nd
I’ve been baking with chickpea flax milk and I just loving it! It’s a great nut-free and dairy-free option AND high protein (10g in one serving!). Yesterday, I baked ... See more

2 years ago

Wanna eat a breakfast that tastes like dessert except that it is not? Try this. We used a #veganyogurt. We melted a handful of chocolate chips unsweetened into a pot with a drizzle of coconut oil. ... See more

2 years ago

Summer power drinks - try something new - beet juices straight up or as an iced latte! Serve at your next summer barbecue as a refreshing drink. We use raw beet powder, which is quite concentrated ... See more

2 years ago

Iced chaga (mushroom) latte - Try this delicious & energizing drink in the summer with ingredients such as chaga powder, miylk10 by YoFiit, and adding sweetener optionally. Since our miylk10 can give ... See more

2 years ago

Make your summer power snacks with these easy recipes

NUTRIENTS PER LITTLE CUP protein - 8g, Fiber 9g, Omega 3 7000 mg

1) Matcha chia miylk10 pudding
Ingredients: miylk10 1/2 cup
chia seeds 1.5 ... See more

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