YoFiit’s new disruptive creations

Giving you MILK benefits… Just without the COW .

This is a true MILK alternative!

YoFiit has been hard at work over tchickpea-milk-plain.with-glass.nexthe past few years to launch these newest creations.  We have created a couple of launches that will disrupt a lot of the myths around certain food categories.

We are proud to say we have created the first high protein milk alternative using a combination of plants and seeds. This milk alternative provides 10g of protein and 1000 mg of omega 3 per cup or 250 ml.

It also contains none of the unnecessary things such as fillers, starch, carrageenan, gum, etc.  Plus, it is soy-free, gluten-free & nut-free.

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TIPS on how to best use

Since there is no additive or carrageenan in our milk, it will require better care. Make sure you shake vigorously to ensure that it is all well mixed.

Once open in the fridge, it will get a bit thicker, DONT WORRY it has not gone bad, just add a little bit of water and shake well again so that it regains its consistency.

Our milk is thicker than most anyway, so a lot of people find that adding water helps them increase the number of servings, which makes this milk once again very cost efficient.

This first version comes unsweetened and completely unflavoured. So if you are looking for flavor, it is recommended you add it into a smoothie, tea, coffee, hot cereals or add your own sweetener like stevia, maple syrup


We are also proud to have created a line of pre and probiotics nutritional bars using the latest research in the field and also capping the sugar amount to 5g per bar (50 or 55g).   3bars-stacked-23bars-standingup-nowhite-backgroundWe did not want to create another product with 15, 20 g of sugar or sucralose and other artificial sweeteners. We take the term nutritional very seriously in creating these bars.  That is why we did not make them like candies but we packed them with nutrients that will help you any time of the day.   

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