YoFiit’s nutritional bars

15 reasons to switch to YoFiit’s nutritional bars 

1) With prebiotics to help support a healthy gut flora because a healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy life.  11-12 g of fibre per bar.

2) With probiotics that serve 2 functions a) sustain a strong gut by aiding at the digestion of carb and protein b) enhance one’s workout experience because in clinical trials, combining this probiotics strain with protein enables the easier protein absorption and as such reduces soreness post workout and allows for quicker muscle.

3) cap on sugar at 5g. They will never have 15/20 g of sugar because they are not candies and are true nutritional bars.  Sugar comes from a combination of date and fruit in some cases and brown rice syrup

4) great taste

5) Nut-free making them perfect school snacks as well

6) Vegan

7) gluten-free

8) 3 bars scientifically formulated based on your needs throughout the day

9) Morning fibre bar provides 49% of your fibre needs for the day. You are halfway through with just one bar!

10) Midday Energy bar is the pick-me-up kind of bar when you feel like you are crashing in the office or on the road around 3 pm. Full with antioxidant such as goji, cacao, quinoa, this is the perfect bar for on the go adventures.

11) All day protein bar is the ultimate protein companion bar. Optimal ratio of protein, fibre and sugar. 15g of protein / 12g of fibre / 5 g of sugar per 55g bar.

12) No nonsense ingredients. Just what you need.

13) High in trace minerals such as magnesium, manganese.

14) Made in Toronto, Canada

15) By buying YoFiit, you also help support a great cause, which is helping less fortunate kids engage into healthy eating habits and stay active through soccer.