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YoFiit’s Miylk10

The most nutritious. No Filler. 10 g of protein, 1000 mg of omega 3. This is the first high protein & gum-free dairy alternative with chickpeas and flaxseed. 10x more protein than almond milk & healthy fats

YoFiit Bar

A fortress of nutrients in your pocket. Based on research about the impact of a healthy microbiome on brain health and overall well being, YoFiit bars are formulated with prebiotics and probiotics to enhance performance, prolong satiation.

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  • milk substitute

    YoFiit’s miylk10 (original)

    $(CAD)53.00 $(CAD)46.00 Sale!
  • high fiber bars

    Morning™ Fibre Bar

    $(CAD)35.88 $(CAD)29.88 Sale!

Why YoFiit

Our mantra :  “ We create. You pursue.”  We are just like you. A regular family creating the best products for regular folks and families to enjoy.  We create so that you can go out and pursue whatever your true north tells you to.  We create so that you can finally have food that does not focus on pretty bottles or labels but that deliver the absolute  performance you deserve.  We create so that you can be in charge of what you put in your mouth and what you don’t.  We create so that reading our label is a mere formality but you know you will like what you see and also what you don’t see in them.   We create so that we can share our family’s passion with you.  This is us.

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