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    2 Disruptive Launches

    A plant milk (10g of protein)- 3bars (Pre + probiotics)

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  • morning-fiber

    Morning Fibre Bars

    Yummy Apple Cinnamon

  • midday-energy

    Midday Energy Bars

    Choco Goji

  • all-day-protien

    All Day Protein Bars

    With probiotics

  • high-res-vanilla-cinnamon

    Non-Dairy Chick Pea Beverage

    10g of Protein and 1000 mg of Omega 3

  • high-res-original

    Non-Dairy Chick Pea Beverage

    10g of Protein and 1000 mg of Omega 3

About YoFiit - Stay Fiit, Stay Young, Stay on Top!

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About YoFiit™                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         YoFiit™ was created with the mission to provide plant-based nutrition to active individuals whether they are students, professionals, athletes, parents or kids. Our products are designed with one thing in mind “KEEP YOU FIT”.   We pride ourselves in having developed a dynamic process that allows for the optimal combination of the health support pillars such as protein, fibre, fatty-acids, trace minerals, etc.

YoFiit Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

“YoFiit makes the absolute best products in all category. I like that I can use your cereals as hot or cold cereals.  They are so versatile that I always have some in my cupboard.”

“Your Quin’Pro Balance is the cleanest.  No gum, no weird ingredients.  I also like all the iron.  As a woman, I need that!  Thank you.”

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All-Natural Vegetable Based Protein

Our All-Natural Promise

We promise to never disappoint you with superfluous ingredients or fillers that have no place in food. I dare you to compare our ingredients list with that of other competitive products. We are very clean and don’t use gimmicks by combining subpar ingredients with a few healthy ones. We are the real deal and strive to continue providing you with the best in each category we touch whether it is our cereals, bars, and protein powders.

YoFiit Supports Our Community

YoFiit™ Youth Support

YoFiit™ prides itself in supporting local community groups that promote the wellbeing and success of youth. We were particularly attracted to Asante Soccer Academy after we witnessed the tremendous work that Richard Asante, the owner, has accomplished by not only developing the athletic potential of the youth but also their academic prowess. This is such a safe environment for kids to play and learn after school. We command Richard for his tremendous efforts and hope more mentors like him will emerge.

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