High Protein Oat Beverage

Chocolate and Barista

A nutritious fusion of oats and high-quality protein, crafted to fuel your day. Packed with essential nutrients, this high-protein beverage offers a delicious and convenient way to power up your workouts or simply satisfy your hunger.

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Plant-based Beverage

5 decadent flavours for all

The most nutritious plant-based milk on earth. Designed with 10x more protein than the other ones & omega3. Refreshingly light because it uses no gums or thickeners.

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Gut & Brain Friendly

No sugar bars

Not just keto but created for overall performance with gut focus in some and brain focus in others. Raw & only 1-2g of natural sugar & no gut-killing sugar alcohol.

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Gut & Brain Friendly

No sugar granola

Inspired by the need to add crunch to yogurt or even salad without adding any sugar.  Very delicious & with adaptogens for additional brain function.

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Let us help you thrive!

The number one question we ask before developing a product is “How will it help you thrive?” If it cannot improve your gut, brain, physical performance, without using sugar or a ton of bad stuff, then it does not get launched. Listen in.

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About Us

Our mantra: Plant-based nutrition done better

We believe in real foods that nourish people and none of the fake plant-based products that are just capitalizing on a “trend”. We are trying to save the planet & provide better nutrition through plant-based. Our founder, Marie, started her vegan journey 15 years ago. It was a hard and long journey as she tried very hard to learn all she could about the pillars of plant-based nutrition.

So when she decided to launch a line with plant-based ingredients, it was because she wanted to give people access to more nutrition, not less. She wanted to ensure people would continue to eat a clean diet with fewer ingredients but only the ones that matter…ingredients that help boost gut, brain, physical acuity.

No gums, nor a ton of sugar, no sugar alcohol or any nonsense like that… Because what is the point of saving the planet by turning to plant-based if we are not going to be around to enjoy it by eating all this crap?

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