Healthiest & most nutritious protein bars and plant-based beverage

We know you are very busy, on-the go. That’s why we spend the time to do all the research on your behalf to create the healthiest protein bars and milk substitute that are packed with nutrition and use none of the nasty things you don’t want.

Gut-Friendly Nutritional & Protein Bars

The only bar designed for your hardest physical & mental tasks. Sustains you for 4 hours, at the gym, school, work.  Packed w. probiotics, fibre,  protein.

    No Sugar Bars

    Not only keto-Friendly but created for overall performance with gut focus in some and brain focus in others.  Raw & only 1-2g of natural sugar & no gut-killing sugar alcohol.

    No Sugar Granola

    Inspired by the need to add crunch to yogurt or even salad without adding any sugar.  Very delicious & with algal oil, adaptogens for additional brain function.

    High protein chickpea beverage

    The most nutritious plant-based beverage on earth.  Designed with 10x more protein than the other ones & omega3. Refreshingly light because it uses no gums or thickeners. 

    The red replaces it. We believe it has a much better taste profile than the old green one. If you want something more subtle, we recommend you try the vanilla plain one (blue carton as it is more subtle).