About us

Our mantra: Plant-based nutrition done better


I started my journey to plant-based conversion 15 years ago, not because it was all in the news. It was a hard and long journey as I tried very hard to understand all I could about the pillars of plant-based nutrition. So when I decided to launch a line with plant-based ingredients, it was because I wanted to give people access to more nutrition, not less. I wanted to ensure people would continue to eat a clean diet with fewer ingredients but only the ones that matter… No gums or a ton of sugar or any nonsense like that… Because what is the point of saving the planet by turning to plant-based if we are not going to be around to enjoy it by eating all this crap?

I was fed up with seeing companies sell milk alternatives in pretty bottles with no nutrition and calling it milk “alternative”. We wanted a beverage we could drink every day. Something richer than cow’s milk but also with no filler such as guar gum or gellan gum. It was not easy but after years of research we did it. In essence, our family is just like yours, trying to stay healthy.

We create our miylk10 so that you can finally have food that does not focus on pretty bottles, wasting valuable fridge space, but that delivers the absolute performance you deserve. We want you to be in charge of what you put in your mouth and what you don’t. Reading our label is a mere formality because you know you will like what you see and also what you don’t see in it.

I was equally frustrated seeing the so-called nutritional bars with close to 20 grams of sugar or sugar alcohol. We saw an opportunity to create bars that would sustain overtime instead of providing a crash and burn experience. Since we also know much more now about gut health and how it impacts mental and physical acuity, I felt it was our responsibility to ensure that our bars would help at enhancing gut health instead of destroying it.

I will see you around :)


Our Mision

Plant-based Commitment

Our approach to plant-based is quite unique because we create products that surpass their animal-derived counterparts by offering the most nutrition possible. For example, our miylk10 provides more protein than even cow’s milk. In doing so, we make it easier for people looking to increase their plant-based consumption to do so. Offering more plant-based protein, more overall nutrition is our mission and our way to contribute in helping manage our scarce agricultural resources.

Help Curb Poor Nutrition

Metabolic diseases are on the rise, obesity is prevalent even among children. As rich societies, it is paradoxal that we are also facing a challenge of poor nutrition as people eat more but still get less nutrition. Our product design is such that we use zero to very little sweetener; we focus on providing key macro and micro nutrients to increase satiation and reduce the need to eat more than necessary. We believe that it is our responsibility to make it easier for people to make the right decision about their diet.

No Gimmicks. No Use Of Fillers

We don’t use any gimmicks in our formulations. For example, our chickpea beverage is free of any gum or carrageenan making it easily digestible by most, even those who have issues digesting all the fillers found in other milk alternatives. Another example is that we have low sugar bars by using non-refined sugar and avoiding fake sugars or sugar alcohol that can be very detrimental to one’s long term health.

Our Ingredients

That Stuff Is Real

Our ingredients are awesome and real. From chia seeds to chickpeas and hemp seeds, we carefully select our ingredients for their nutritious properties, and also their allergen profile. We believe that in order to make a difference, we need to have food as widely accessible to most as possible. That’s why our products are exempt from most common allergens such as peanut, soy, gluten, dairy.

In looking for creating the best dairy alternative possible, we were the first ones to use chickpeas to create a different type of milk alternative that can provide people with even more protein than cow’s milk. That’s how we created the first chickpea milk alternative.

That Stuff Is Good For You

We find the best ingredients from nature to offer the most nutrition. Our ingredients are carefully selected to provide the right amount of nutrients to you. For example, chia seeds used in our probiotics bars are a great source of omega 3, which is lacking in a lot of North Americans’ diet. Flaxseed is also another ingredient we use in our miylk10 for its omega 3 content to create a more balanced milk. We also use certain ingredients for their antioxidant properties such as goji berries or for their impact on brain health such as mushrooms, algae.

The right ingredients are a good start in building a healthy product. We saw a lot of chaotic products in the market place where sugar is out of control and nutrients are very low. We wanted to change that by focusing on the right ingredients and a good process of designing our great and healthy products.

The Combination Is Essential

While the right ingredients are a good start but the process of formulating the right product for maximum benefits is fundamental.

In creating our miylk10, chickpea milk alternative, for example, we wanted a product that could surpass cow’s milk from a macro level with 10 grams of protein, good fats and without the sugar found in milk. We also wanted a product without any gum. It required a tremendous amount of research and testing to create this patent pending product.

In creating our energy bars and protein bars, it was essential to create a bar that would energize folks longer and keep them full for a long time. We created a process for producing these bars with prebiotics & probiotics to enhance their absorption. By combining fiber rich ingredients such as hemp, chia & of course the prebiotics, these bars become more filling. Each bar is about half of one’s need in fiber per day. The addition of good fats or healthy fats also help enhance satiation.

And we followed the same process in creating our sugar-free, keto friendly bars. They are the purest keto bars you will find. They are not baked to retain their nutrients and they focus on gut health and brain health.