Introducing NEW, dessert-like oat beverage blends! SAVE ON NEW PRODUCTS ONLY USING CODE TASTY15

Try our new creations!

SAVE WITH CODE TASTY15 on new products. With 9-10g of protein, in convenient 6-pack trials, available EXCLUSIVELY on our website, try our decadent line of high protein plant-based drinks with the addition of Organic Oats for extra creaminess.

They offer the same you have come to expect from Yofiit: Amazing taste, great texture, a ton of nutrition, less sugar & no gums of any kind.

Our new chocolate milk is a nostalgic take on chocolate milk without any dairy and with 1/3 of the sugar of regular chocolate milk.

High protein chickpea beverage

The most nutritious plant-based beverage on earth.  Designed with 10x more protein than the other ones & omega3. Refreshingly light because it uses no gums or thickeners. 

The red replaces it. We believe it has a much better taste profile than the old green one. If you want something more subtle, we recommend you try the vanilla plain one (blue carton as it is more subtle).